What is a Transmission?

While the word transmission might have become popularized with the rise of science fiction, transmission isn’t communication between starships or planets. At least in the automotive industry, because a transmission keeps your car gears in check. There are two types of transmissions, the manual, and automatic transmissions.

rebuilt transmission

When you shift gears manually in your car, say shifting from park to drive, the engine stops for a moment until you click it into the new gear. Then it restarts and you can drive from a parking position. Since each of the major gears (park, reverse, and drive) are all telling your car to do different things, then that slight stop is necessary to change gears safely.

Automatic transmissions work the same way, but they do it without you needing to use a clutch. As the speed of your car increases or decreases, the transmission senses this and changes the gear for you without your intervention, allowing you to focus on driving the car.

Much like the engine, your transmission requires fluid and repairs, or even a rebuilt transmission service. You can use a dipstick to test the transmission fluid, and if it is covered in fluid then you are all good. Depending on the mileage in your car, the need to change the fluid can vary, as well as how you use your car. If you change gears frequently or push the car, then more changes might be needed.

You can buy extra fluid at any auto store, and then pour it into the transmission. If you are noticing problems when changing gears, then you might need to have a rebuilt transmission to ensure that everything is okay. Take your car into the store and get it checked out because it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to being on the road.