Trailers For Cash And Trash

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Trash. Lots of it. Cash. How you wish. How you always wish you could have so much more of that. And how you wish you could get rid of all the trash. You may have heard the expression; trailer trash. Be nice, folks, people, good people, are living there. Yes, people are living in trailers. Turns out that it’s actually a growing trend. Modern folks, more aware and enlightened than others, have come to appreciate that living in a trailer home is a lot more sustainable and green friendly than living in a free-standing suburban house or inner city apartment in a cramped city.

You usually find them on the outskirts of the city. These are your trailer parks. They are also good, cheap spots to dig in for a few days while on vacation in another state. Maybe grandma’s little pad is just too small for all of you. Trash. Lots of it. In your yard and around the garden too. Cash, you could actually make a small bundle from your trash, didn’t you know? You can start this little nifty piece of business by renting trailers casper wy online. But if your yard is clean and you’re now ready to pack your bags, you can rent a trailer for your annual vacation trip.

Plenty of space for everyone in the car still and everything else neatly packed away in the trailer. It’s safely hooked up to the back of your car. And this is special. If your car does not have one of those, the trailer rental company can supply you with one of those hooks that allow you to hook up neatly and squarely, safely and surely. No damage to your car and no risk of losing the trailer along the way.