Winter School Bus Tips Keep Kids Safe

Catching the bus during the cold winter months poses more risks and worries for parents and kids alike. But, for many parents, the school bus is their child’s only means of transportation. Luckily, protecting your kids in the winter as they catch the school bus isn’t so hard.

Use School Bus Tags

With school bus tags on, your child knows what bus to catch to get home in the afternoons. The school bus tag new jersey make it easier for small children to recognize their bus numbers and reduces errors and infractions. Assorted tags are fun for kids to use and stay safe.

Dress Kids In Layers

school bus tag new jersey

There’s no question that frigid temperatures need more clothing but make sure that you dress your child in layers so they can remove clothing as the temperature warms during the day. His will reduce the risks of overheating, an equally troubling problems that occurs during the winter and summer ale.  Avoid cotton clothing, since it tends to stick to the skin.

Hand & Feet Warmers

Hand and feet warmers are sold at drugstores, online, and other over-the-counter locations. Toss one or two into your child’s backpack to use when they are outdoors in the winter to aid in warmth and weather protection.

Don’t Forget Gloves

Although some children hate the thought of wearing gloves, they make a big difference in the winter. Make sure that your child has a pair of gloves accessible to them. Perhaps keep the gloves in the backpack as well, just in case your child should need them.

Water & Nutrition

Additionally make sure that your child is well-hydrated and consumes plenty of water each day. Make sure they eat healthy foods and snacks as well. A good diet reduces risks of cold, flus, and other infections.